Stay Healthy and Live Longer with Regular Medical Screening

As the old adage goes… Prevention is better than cure! And it’s a mantra that each one of us should be adopting if we want to cut down on sickness, avoid surprising diagnosis leading to stressful events in our lives which we would have never seen coming.

Having regular health checks throughout life can help keep the doctor away. Even if you are generally fit and healthy, regular visits to the doctor can be worthwhile.
We all lead a rather busy if not stressful lifestyle these days and many of us work at a very hectic pace. Stress can have an insanely negative impact on health – and addressing it is something many of us neglect. We all struggle with the daily work-life juggle. Loosing sense of priorities and difficulty to find time for oneself has become the order of the day, leaving us little if any time to stop and think about our health.

We take our health for granted basing everything on chance and on the fact that we feel well. We are often too distracted to stop and listen to our body and the tell-tale signs which may be telling us to stop and check. How has your body been feeling lately? Are you tired? Has it been asking you to slow down? What is your typical response when your body lets you know that it’s tired? In our society it is very common for people to habitually push through fatigue. Just have an extra cup of coffee, eat something sugary to give you a temporary kick, or drink a high energy drink rather than slowing down and resting. After all getting things done is more important…. At least that is what almost everyone tends to think these days.
It is often only when we hear about someone’s sudden ill health, or worse still have a personal health scare of some sort that we decide to do something about checking how our body is doing. However this is not how it should be!

Even if you’re generally fit and healthy, regular visits to the doctor can be worthwhile. Standard check-ups and screening tests can reveal the warning signs of disease, giving you the best chance of receiving timely, potentially life-saving treatment. Moreover, routine check-ups provide an opportunity to discuss diet, level of physical activity and medical history.
It is with this firm belief in mind that within St. Anthony’s Clinic Health Screening Packages were developed. In Malta cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes are major causes of mortality and morbidity. They are triggered by ‘silent conditions’ such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, which can be detected early through regular health screening. Early detection of such conditions will allow for better management and treatment outcomes.

For this reason, at St. Anthony’s Clinic we routinely offer two core health screening packages being Well Man and Well Woman with the latter including a gynaecological consultant’s review. Moreover being fully aware of the high incident rate of cardiovascular disease and diabetes on the island we have together with doctors and expert healthcare professionals in the field, put together particular health checks for clients suffering from Cardiovascular conditions and/or Diabetes.

With all the recent advances in medical procedures and technology, it is now possible to treat a wider range of diseases and conditions more effectively than ever before. However, despite these advances, the success of treatment still often depends on catching the diseases in their early stages. Or better still, before they develop. Regular medical screening is proven to help people stay healthy and live longer. But with so many different tests and packages to choose from, which one is right for you?

The first points to consider when choosing a package are your age, gender and budget. If you are young adult male or female and in good health with no family history of illness, a basic check-up package of the most important and widely accepted screening tests can be sufficient. As you get older, additional tests are recommended depending on a variety of situations.
At St Anthony’s Clinic, we offer standard packages of tests according to age and gender. However, we also know that every person is unique, so we are always ready to discuss your family health history and special concerns to help you choose the right check-up package for you. We can also create a fully customised check-up package, by adding appropriate tests for your specific situation. Equally important, we don’t include tests that are not needed.

All our wellness packages are run by professional nurses, who will carry out your general assessment in the comfort and privacy of our clinic suites, which are supported by the latest medical technology. A list of blood tests is also taken according to the wellness package you would have chosen. An additional assessment by a doctor can also be arranged should you wish to include it. A comprehensive report, together with all results are sent to you within a week of doing the wellness programme.

We know that having a healthy body enables us to enjoy more life experiences with those that are important to us. So DO NOT leave it until it is too late. Take charge of your health, be proactive and book a health screening today. What only takes an hour or two of your time is actually a lifetime investment in your health.

For more information or to book one of our health screening packages call St. Anthony’s clinic on 2235 1000.