Exercise Prescription Programme

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are numerous and many of us know and have felt these first hand. However, our fast lives often dictate that exercise and even eating correctly get less priority than they deserve. As a result we put on weight and become unfit, leading to consequences to our health and well-being. It is worth remembering why we should adopt a healthy lifestyle, including regular exercise and being sure to eat the food we really need.

How you will benefit

Keeping to a healthy weight, will above all, give you a sense of wellbeing. Exercise alone relieves anxiety and stress, leading to better mental health. It also leads to better weight control and in turn lower risk and /or better control of diabetes, high cholesterol levels, gout and the so called “metabolic syndrome”.

With exercise you will also benefit from:

  • Better sleep
  • Less arthritic pain
  • Better asthma control
  • More regular bowel movement
  • Better posture
  • Lowered risk of heart disease
  • Better lung function and capacity
  • Better movement

Exercise in general is therefore especially important for that sense of wellbeing. It also helps to maintain a stronger, fitter you both in mind and body. Naturally, regular strength and aerobic exercise will also lead to longevity of a higher quality – but then again….we already knew this!

What are the special benefits of this programme?

An initial assessment is key and central to this programme since improvements to your lifestyle can only come about, once your current status quo is assessed together with your health history, in order to select the best solutions for you as an individual. Exercise programmes, and diets, need to be adopted to where we are now and where we are coming from, taking into consideration our health, work habits and physical capacity.

It is also important to adapt exercise not only to your needs as an indivual but also tailor it to your enjoyment. Since while many people will commence exercise for health reasons, especially after some health warnings, research tells us that people will only continue that exercise that gives them pleasure.

In this Exercise Prescription Programme it will be our responsibility to draw out a tailor made programme based on your current health and needs but also, ultimately, to your enjoyment.

The Hilltop Gardens team looks forward to having you join them on this venture to discover the real you – the fitter, healthier, slimmer you, that enjoys being and keeping this way.

Dr Julian Mamo
Lead Physician
St. Anthony’s Clinic